Mobile LlamayA, OMV to Call Abroad

Although there are already several virtual operators focused on the immigrant audience, another one comes to complement the offer. It is of Mobile LlamayA and it comes backed by the success of its solutions in fixed telephony of prepaid international calling cards.

By the public to which it is addressed, the most outstanding rates are the of international calls, starting on the 8 cents per minute, depending on the destination, and have no call set-up. International SMS has a cost of 25 cents.

National calls are not operator cheaper, but they offer attractive rates, with a cost of 10 cents per minute and 15 cents call set-up. For calls between customers of Mobile LlamayA the first four minutes are free. National SMS cost 10 cents.

As a promotion, they offer 10 national SMS and the first two minutes of the first 10 calls to the register with them. That Yes, terminals was not available, but they only provide their SIM card, which we purchased at kiosks, booths and charging of Telecor points.