Midi Dresses for Parties of Jessica Alba-Longuete Dress

Check Out Midi Dresses Options For Parties Of Jessica Alba And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Jessica Alba is an American actress, well known by the general public for your performance in the movie “fantastic four”.In a recent event, Jessica Alba appeared flawless, with a nice midi dress pink and clutch with Leopard print. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post, which brings cool options for midi dresses for parties of Jessica Alba. Check out and get inspired for your next party!

Midi rose dress of Jessica Alba follows the trend ofladylike dresses and vintage dresses, so the use of more length in high on global fashion, the midi-length.This length is discreet, but it tends to flatten the silhouette, so use it with shoes and sandals. In addition to the midi-length skirt and evasê, typically vintage, the glares of her dress, giving the modern touch to the piece. You can wear a dress like that in sophisticated ballads, social events or graduations, if you are only a guest.

Tips Of Midi Dresses For Parties Of Jessica Alba!

The midi dresses for parties have many different characteristics. Midi dresses can be found in various colors, textures, fabrics and prints. This is due to the arrival of the midi-length with one of the main trends in current fashion, street fashion. This length is super stylish and slightly vintage, as it was overlooked in recent decades, the years of 1950 and 1960.

However, the midi-length tends to flatten the silhouette, so use it with heels if you are short. Only very high women can use the midi-length even with flats.Check below some options of midi dresses for parties of Jessica Alba and get inspired for your next party!

Midi Dresses Options For Parties Of Jessica Alba


Midi Dresses for parties, like the one shown in the image above, has as main characteristic the delicacy of lace. This income has as “drawings” many delicate flowers, which give beauty to this play, mainly because the sleeves and hemlines are transparent.

A midi dress as beautiful as this can be used at weddings. With respect to modeling, this outlines the curves, but do not tighten. Your neckline closed ahead due to search for equilibrium with the wide neckline in the back, which is the boldest element that dress midi to party.


This midi dress to party is quite different from previous dress has clearly a more sensual inspiration, being ideal for ballads. Midi Dresses for parties, like this, has in print and in knitting your main details. The modeling of this trademark dress pretty curves.


This midi dress to party is indicated for a stylish woman because it calls a lot attention for your silver and shiny, being indicated for graduation parties (for guests). Midi Dresses for parties, like this one, have a super simple modeling, with long sleeves and neckline closed.

What brand is the fabric curves, showing the main bust and hip. As the dress is flashy, use a good classic shoe with a maxi necklace.


Among the midi dresses for parties shown in this post, this is without a doubt the most versatile because it allows the combination of different accessories such as colored or metallic necklaces, maxi plus form classic looks with pumps and clutch. It is worth mentioning that this modeling shows the curves and can score some love handles. Again, on the skirt for a frill, this trend looks like it will continue strong in summer 2015.