Microsoft Wireless, a Service That Will Offer More of Ten Millions of Points Wi-Fi around The World

Microsoft is working on a new service that will be called Microsoft wireless, He even have an active domain that invites us to wait there will be news soon. Some media, such as VentureBeat, have contacted the Redmond company, and have gotten confirmation that the service is currently cooking.

What it purports to Microsoft is to create a platform that facilitates connection to WiFi hotspots phones, computers, tablets, or any device connected with the possibility of loading applications. When the web showing information, described the service as a way to provide “access to the Internet without any problems all over the world”, to get users to be more “productive on the go.”

Although it is going to call Microsoft wireless, it seems that it is basically a sunset a day and change of name of the service Skype WiFi, It makes sense to be a company that belongs to Microsoft. It is available for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux, but not for Windows Phone, that Yes it would be supported in the new service.

Ten million WiFi hotspots

With the Skype service offered more than two million WiFi hotspots around the planet, associated with Skype Credit to pay for options that are not free. We understand that Microsoft could take advantage of the infrastructure and create something much bigger, one speaks of ten million hotspots in 130 countries.

The idea of the company’s Windows is to create something that facilitates the registration and use of the WiFi hotspots, and step, an incentive for other services of the House, Since Microsoft wireless will not be offered to everyone initially: will benefit the active users of Skype WiFi, organizations with Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise, or customers who receive a special offer from Microsoft.