Microsoft Publishes The Compilation of 10240 10 Windows, Have a RTM Candidate

Since last October began the parade of compilations of Windows 10 They have been going on the improvements and changes in an operating system that already is about to appear in its final Edition. Few hours ago Microsoft has released the compilation 10240 that all program Windows Insider members can now download.

The proximity of a “Release To Manufacturing” version did that a few days ago Microsoft block the emergence of new updates to the operating system, but this compilation 10240 availability and the proximity of July 29 They suggest that We have 10 Windows RTM. But there are signs that we will not see more previous builds before the final release.

Two weeks for the final version of Windows 10

Among them is the fact that the traditional watermark with the number of compilation in the corner bottom right ceases to appear, but it is that this update is also available in the channel “Slow” or “Fast”, something that should not happen unless Microsoft internal tests certify that it is a “special” compilation.

In the note that accompanies that publication Microsoft does not give details on the circumstance, but do indicate that Microsoft Edge is now faster in the execution of JavaScript code – they claim it outperforms Chrome in some tests of this type, in addition to pointing out the correction of some conflicts and performance improvements in other generic areas.

We already have installed this latest build of Windows 10 – here the headboard full size image – and in a rapid test based on Peekeeper from FutureMark, the results are compelling: Microsoft Edge is that it behaves worse to compare it with Opera, Chrome, and Firefox, which wins the game with much advantage.

From left. to right and from top to bottom: Edge, Opera, Chrome and Firefox. All in their latest versions today.

If this is really the RTM will be the version in which manufacturers will be based for your preinstallation on computers, but also pass the valid schema so far – each update was almost like a reinstall of the OS – to one in which updates will be much less “dramatic”, and they will be available through the traditional Windows Update program.