Microsoft Lumia 1040? Tea Image Should Show 1020 Successor Of Lumia

1040 is approaching the release of the Microsoft Lumia? The renowned technology blogger and leak expert Evan Blass, who better is known under the name @evleaks, the photo of a part of a suspected new smartphone of the Lumia series published on his Twitter channel.

The image is blurred almost beyond recognition – but a great camera lens is just as plain to see as a dual-LED flash in placed, Nokiapoweruser reported. This writes pale: “don’t give up hope, windows fans.” (translated: “don’t give up the hope, Windows fans.”). Because of that the camera is set to the image in the foreground, if it were likely to be a successor to the Lumia 1020–possibly the Lumia 1040.

Lumia Smartphone With 50-MP Camera?

End of 2014 there had been rumors that Microsoft with the Lumia 1030 or 1040 1020 wants to bring out a successor to the Lumia. A concept had surfaced that a camera with a resolution of 50 MP wrote to the Smartphone – the 42-MP camera at Lumia 1020 not too far-fetched conjecture.

Neither the image nor the text by Evan Blass shed light on, what is actually hidden behind the blurry image. With the release of Windows 10 for smartphones, which should show, whether Microsoft really 1020 develops a successor of Lumia – and what can make the camera of smartphones.