Microsoft Launches SkyDrive Apps for Windows and Mac

Microsoft has released the synchronization application SkyDrive for Windows and Mac OS X. Now, all users can enjoy 25 GB of free storage to always have at important files on your home computer, work or college. It is a big plus point compared to competing services, which provide only 2 GB or 5 GB initials.

Windows for application works exactly like Dropbox. A SkyDrive folder is automatically created in your user directory and can be accessed easily through Windows Explorer Favorites menu. All files saved in this location are synced to the cloud. Thus, if a document is changed in the working computer, an updated version will also be sent to the PC from college, for example.

Files can also be accessed via smartphones and tablets. The application for Windows Phone has been updated this weekend and gained greater control permissions and minor interface improvements. Microsoft also paid special attention to software for iPad, which now supports Retina Display. There is still no official application for Android – and not Linux.

25 GB for free

Officially, Microsoft reduced the free space SkyDrive to just 7GB. However, a temporary warning web interface invites you to expand your storage to the old 25GB. The company itself says that the invitation is only available for a limited time, so if I were you, I would do it right now.

To increase the space available in your account, simply access the SkyDrive, click on the banner to check out the new plans and select the free option of 25 GB (or access this page). You can also add 20 GB, 50 GB or 100 GB of storage, for R $ 19 R $ 46 or R $ 93 per year, respectively. Have a good deal of patience and luck; despite our dear executive editor Thássius Veloso have got the upgrade in my account button does not appear.

In the ad, the Redmond company explained that chose to provide free only 7GB of space because that capacity meets 99.94% of users of SkyDrive. According to Microsoft, 7 GB is enough to store 20 000 files Office or 7000 photos. Unfortunately, the file by size limit is 2 GB, regardless of the space available in your account.

The download of SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac OS X (only the Lion) can be doneon this page. The future of Windows Live Mesh, software that has almost the same function, offering 5GB of free storage and have died a few times, it has not been disclosed.