Microsoft Launches Anti-Gmail Campaign

Remember Gmail Man, that postman read all your mail before delivering them at home? Microsoft’s campaign last year caused the biggest stir. With the same approach, the MS initiates this week a media campaign against Gmail. For the reasons ever. And it recommends users to change the email from Google by

Do not get Scroogled“. This is the motto of the campaign. The word Scroogle means being duped by Google. It makes more sense in English than in Portuguese, I know. The video ad clearly shows the Gmail interface, particularly ads that “invade your privacy.”

Microsoft explains (correctly, I might add) that Gmail read every word of every email received or sent to display advertisements that appear on the screen. It’s not like an employee stay reading everything we receive. Instead, they are Google’s robots that take knowledge of particular subjects: messages about personal issues, decisions on health and “family.”

Advertisers go beyond. They put a phrase from Eric Schmidt, the president of the administrative council of the seeker, saying the privacy policy goes to “scary line (creepy line), although not exceed.

There at the end, the great solution to the problem: use (you did not think they would recommend the email from Aol, right?). The e-mail service that took the place of Hotmail brings cleaner interface, based almost entirely on text, along the lines of visual identity that Microsoft is following. And most importantly, Microsoft states that does not employ robots reading messages to place more relevant and interesting ads.

Of course, Microsoft is using the traditional weapons of advertising to comparative ads (although they are not prohibited, are usually vetted by Bonar here in the country) in which the competitor has the burned film.

In turn, Google could say that the ads make Gmail a free service. Plus, who does not like the idea of automated systems reading your messages can safely opt for another email. And even more: it is known that they make this effort, so that the information contained in the terms of use and privacy that nobody reads, but all agree to run into using the services of Gmail.

An online petition, prepared by Microsoft’s advertising agency, asks Google to stop snooping messages to sell ads. Only 479 signed the text to date and the target was set at 25 thousand signatures. Does it get there?

Maybe they did not need such an aggressive campaign to convince people to use This is a very good mail solution. I’m still going strong with Gmail to the message history, but I recommend the relatives. It is simple and easy to use. Last year we published an advertisement in which we list five reasons to try it. Yes, advertising is contracted by Microsoft, but the reasons are legitimate.

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