Microsoft Age Already Guessed You: Now Wants to Find a Double

A month ago a small interactive web game of Microsoft managed to turn into a small viral phenomenon. The Redmond facial recognition system was responsible for treating of calculate you age in, and although the results were not perfect of course experiment had a great impact, and how not, generated some further debate on privacy.

Microsoft was commissioned to answer quickly those questions – the pictures are not stored and are deleted after processing them – now returns to the fray with a web application that as in the previous case uses facial recognition system for try to check if a person seems to another and there are certain percentage or not by kinship, even if it is virtual. The result? Viral, yeah.

A web application completed in four hours

As is the case with, the system works in a very simple way: one simply has to having the two photos that you want to compare prepared in a folder to select them and load them into that service, which is responsible for analyzing whether there is a few moments or similar not reasonable.

Responsible for the development, villous Mat, has explained how it has used the APIs of Machine Learning and the call Face API from Microsoft to access those options for facial recognition. Development took four hours in total, and the truth is that the service is as in the previous one so simple that it demonstrates the power of this type of algorithms.

Of course comparisons may be odious and There are all kinds of Nice experiments (and not so) about this concept find double others. I myself have tried to compare me with Luis Alfonso de Borbón – from time to time I have been told that I look like – and according to the service, it seems that yes there are kinship, as you can see in the image. UPS.