Michelle Obama Style Icon

It ‘been a week from the re-election of Barack Obama as president of the United States of America. His wife Michelle is dedicated to style icon, but it is also entered in the hearts of Americans with his spontaneity, dua determination and his infectious smile. We find out a little more about her.
Obama’s victory in the presidential 2012: the chorus is trivial and obvious, and there are many commentators who could not resist: “behind every great man is a great woman” .

In Obama’s case, however, the great woman there beside him.

Yes, because Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is hardly the type of woman who stays behind her husband.

There are many ways of being a First-Lady:  there are those who simply remain a silent figure and composed after her husband, waving his hand to the public on formal occasions and then there are those, like Michelle, takes the field, is at stake, do you love, it becomes the heart of the button White House .

It is the same woman who has conquered the heart of the United States of America , as recognized her husband immediately after the victory in a memorable declaration of love that every woman wants to hear to make planetary direct :

“I would not be the man I am now, without the woman who agreed to marry me twenty years ago. Let me say this publicly: Michelle, I never loved you more. is I’ve never been so proud to see that even the rest of America is in love with you as First Lady ”

It is the same woman who “recycles” the haute couture reuse them on many occasions, that brings out the campaign “Let’s Move!” For the fight against obesity and began to cultivate an organic vegetable garden in the garden of the White House. We saw her at her husband’s side constantly and tirelessly (as long as Barack stop smoking course), she encouraged him and gave him strength to go on, to support the emotional and media pressure to which inevitably was subjected.
After degrees in two of the most prestigious American universities (Princeton and Harvard), Michelle started working at a law firm. In those years will meet Barack Obama on several occasions told their first date to the cinema to see Spike Lee’s “Do the right thing movie” and their first kiss after eating a chocolate ice cream.

They married in 1992 and they had two daughters Malia Ann (1998) and Natasha (2001). An ordinary story then, two regular guys who grew up in working-class families, which perfectly embodies the American dream : with hard work, sacrifice and dedication you can realize the beauty of their own future.

And that’s what we like of Obama: their normality, their spontaneity, the concreteness of their smiles and their sincere affection even in public. She was asked to autodescriversi in a few words: “First of all are the Sasha and Malia mom “was her calm response.
It’s been a week exactly dall’Election Day, in which Michelle wore a burgundy-colored knee-length dress fashion designer Michael Kors combined with a black shawl.

Michelle had already worn on other occasions and all have been spoken of “recycled clothes”. The truth is that even the wardrobe of the First Lady is suitable for times of crisis.

Her clothes, like those of her daughters, are by the inspiration of American designers but also, and especially, from large low-cost chains like Zara . The result is an elegant style but also very easy, the 50’s style dresses, sleeveless and with full skirts, plain or with prints, who can stand his robust physicality and toned, and then colored blazers and cardigans, but also magnificent dresses red carpet.

Needless to say it is one of the few women who manage to beautifully wearing the canary yellow Sorting out the “bottle of limoncello” effect .