Men’s Style In The World

Comparing the photo galleries of Milan, New York and London with that of Paris found a style more sober about the colors and bolder in terms of modeling and combination of the pieces than one might expect. The Parisian doesn’t seem to care much about the next set silhouette dominating the men’s fashion in the last decade, since their clothes show personality and style.

Another awesome thing is that because it is considered the world capital of fashion, until the French man invests more in casual and sports parts than formal, leaving tailoring in the background.

See a few more things we can notice in the style of dress of the Parisians at

-Caps the caps, anything goes to protect the head from the cold and wind.

-“Black is the new black”: the staid Parisian loves a black clothing or even the “total black”.

-The casacões are successful. Many of them are the shins and just leave the wars!

-Elegance has no age: in the streets of Paris young and old show your style and, in some cases, the older ones are more modern and relaxed.

-Leather is also ubiquitous, and it is possible to notice how much the French men appreciate a good jacket or coat in this material.

-Parisians love an accessory, but that goes beyond the ubiquitous scarves, scarves, hats or watches, handbags and clutchs are the biggest highlight.