Meizu MX, The First Smartphone Android with Quad-Core

While the dual-core has reached only a small percentage of users manufacturers follow his career to get more powerful processors. We already know that Nvidia will debut soon with its quad-core Android Tablet and it seems that Meizu will be the first to do so in smartphones.

According to the Chinese edition of all Engadget points to that Meizu is working in Meizu MX an Android smartphone quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and will come in two models: one 16 GB and one with 32 GB of internal memory. A terminal that is, compared with the current dual-core, very powerful.

The screen that would use these two device would be of 4.3 inch and a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Size: 63 × 121 × 10 mm and an 8 megapixel camera that the real quality is unknown. Apparently, as you can see in the sketch has a finish similar to the Samsung Galaxy S.

Quad-core power without control means nothing

Many of you have heard the famous slogan of Pirelli: power without control means nothing. In the case of the four nuclei seems to be the happy phrase quite appropriate. No okay we have so much ability if we can not get out.

Right now anyone who has tried a dual-core Android knows that these are softer, they allow a greater load graphics and in General, Note the performance but it is not a brutal difference. At least in my experience has not been so.

I don’t know if Meizu, Android and app developers will be able to take advantage of the quad-core, at least in the short term. At the moment with two nuclei there has been a spectacular leap. Perhaps we see more quality games but also we’d like to see more versatile tools and applications.

Another issue is battery. Although the dual-core, in principle, offer better optimization of these and therefore offer greater autonomy back to the issue before: the difference is not noticeable and, again, I do not believe that four nuclei provide longer life at least in the short term.

I understand that manufacturers have to be constantly evolving to offer more quality products and fascinated through the promotion with more power but Perhaps we should also evolve in other aspects as the drums, screens that consume less, etc. We’ll see what offers us this Meizu MX.