Meet the Smallest Wireless Headsets on the Market

Bluetooth headsets are becoming common, but most are not at all inconspicuous.Many are quite flashy headphones, with vibrant colors covering the entire ear.

Discover five discreet electronics not to draw attention on the street

For those who want to walk on the street without attention, the best out is the small wireless earbuds, which fit the ear and can even be disguised with the hair.In the following list, we have separated five models for you to walk quietly and safely.All wireless headsets can be purchased from Brazil.

1) The Dash

The Dash is a wireless handset beyond discreet.At only 14 g, Bragi’s earbud is about the size of a real 1-pound coin and fits perfectly to the ear.Its body also stands out for being waterproof, besides having an optical sensor on the side that allows you to control the music and switch playlists with just a few touches.

The gadget connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone and you can adjust the volume or apply settings to answer calls.Communication is done through the official app, available for Android , iOS and Windows Phone .The Dash can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, which ships in Brazil.Available in white and black, the device costs US $ 299 (about R $ 1,010, at current price) and the shipping fee is US $ 20.

2) Nuheara IQbuds

The Nuheara IQbuds can be even lighter.Weighing in at 12 g, the larger 2.6 cm unit is equipped with a 100 mAh battery whose battery life is approximately 4 hours.

The device focuses on the intelligent noise reduction system, which replaces the headphones’ acoustic shell to deliver clean sound even in noisy environments.This earbud has Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled by Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The gadget was launched through the IndieGogo collective funding site.Although the original campaign was over, its success caused developers to reopen orders, still on the platform.The device is coming out for US $ 229 (R $ 780), with a shipping fee of US $ 29 (R $ 100) for Brazil.The headphones ordered will now be delivered from January 2017.

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3) Moto Hint

Moto Hint is Motorola’s small, wireless headset.Each speaker is 2.43 x 1.78 x 1.89 cm and weighs 6 g, bringing proximity sensors that connect the device immediately to fit it into the ear.The device comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and integrates Siri, Google Now and Cortana.The handset comes with a carrying case for the battery, which lasts up to 3 and a half hours of talk time.

Moto Hint features include noise reduction and echo cancellation, volume control via handset, voice prompts and audio pass-through, which reproduce the surround sound on the speaker.The wireless gadget has suggested price of $ 399.

4) Earin

Earin is another device that started as a crowdfunding project.It came to the Kickstarter as “the smallest wireless earbud phone in the world” thanks to its 14 mm by 20 mm dimensions.At the time the phone weighed 5 g, but today it is even lighter, with 3.5 g.The gadget features Bluetooth, which allows you to connect it to any device with the technology, and has iOS and Android apps for advanced settings.

Its 60 mAh battery can play 3 hours of continuous audio.The Earin comes with a portable charging case, which gives three full loads to the speakers, and can be carried in the pocket.Currently, the headset comes out for US $ 249 and can be purchased directly from the developers website, which they send to Brazil without charge.

5) Nextear

In the list of successes that came out of campaigns of collective financing enters the Nextear.The Bluetooth device is 1.95 cm long by 1.42 cm wide, weighing 2.5 g each handset.But what really draws attention to it is its smart charging hood.

Not only can it power the Nextear, it also charges the battery of Android and Apple smartphones.The piece still has 16 GB of internal memory, with microSD input of up to 200 GB, allowing the user to store a huge amount of music and files.Other than that, the case has a built-in LED light that can serve as a flashlight

The device itself carries a 50 Mah battery, which lasts up to 4 hours of non-stop music playing. In terms of audio, the Nextear has impedance of 16 Ohms, frequency response from 20Hz to 30KHz and less than 1% of total harmonic distortion. The device costs $ 145 and can be purchased from the Nextear website, which makes free deliveries to the entire world, including Brazil.

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