Medicine Ads Result in Million Dollar Fine for Google

The Google agreed to pay a multinha worth US $ 500 million to the Department of Justice US to get rid of the charges that allowed Canadian pharmacies to announce their products on the American version of the engine, which would encourage and facilitate the illegal import of substances controlled or even banned.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Justice Department says the fine amount – one of the largest ever implemented in the country – was determined considering a punishment for illegal advertising and considering the gross income from Canadian pharmacies to sell their products to consumers North Americans.

The agency says that the early warning data to Google against the practice were given in 2003, and that sending drugs and medications from a foreign country hurts local regulations.

Although the web giant claims to have taken all steps to prevent Canadian drug advertisements fell to American views, the authorities claim that the company came to offer support to pharmacies in the neighboring country so that your ads stay visible to Internet users of USA.

In a statement given to the site Register, Google says that “for some time” banned ads from Canadian pharmacies of your engine search to the US, adding that “should never have allowed these ads before everything.”