Medical Home: What Are the Options and How to Call?

The doctors at home are an alternative and a perfect solution for those who need support but do not have the possibility to leave the house.

Medical Home What Are the Options and How to Call

If you are looking for an easy way to have medical care at home, for whatever reason, stay with these examples of the medical home that you can call on any day and at any time.

Not all are operational in all the Portuguese territory but, on the whole, end up by being able to cover the whole continent, the Azores and Madeira.

Learn about the suggestions that we give to that, at the time that you need, to know where you should turn to.

Through phone, e-mail or even through an application(app), all are easy to make appointments and will always get the support you need.



The Geridoc is a clinic of geriatrics especially targeted for patients over the age of 60 years. Aware of the difficulty existing in the mobility inherent to some of these clients, this clinic provides a service of medical home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The clinical staff of the Geridoc is chosen carefully and all the doctors and professionals are trained and able to take care of this target audience, in order to achieve the best care for the clients in the comfort of your home.


Since 1984 to provide medical services to the home, this was the first company in Portugal with this support.

Available every day of the year and always 24 hours a day, offers consultations of urgency, but also of expertise.

Still has partnerships with several clinics and hospitals in order to ensure that you can meet and advise the largest number of people and with the best possible quality.

In addition, this way you can give support extra services such as hospital stays and surgeries.


Emergency, family medicine or psychiatry – here you can be attended in any of these areas and, if you need to expertise different, this medical home will refer you to where it can be best accompanied.

Also available, a telephone answering service follow-up case, after the query, you need to continue to see questions answered and some support.

Zones: Lisbon


Regulated by the directorate general of health, Your Doctor controls a vast network of services in the medical home to be able to offer a quality service to the largest number of people possible.

Available during all days of the week and during 24 hours per day, makes queries of urgency when necessary, but also other areas. Sports medicine, occupational medicine, medical examinations and clinical analysis, family planning, and even specialty consultations – here all are available.


With an area of action more reduced, this clinic is a humanitarian association, nonprofit organization that aims to provide support to those who have more difficulty in access to health services.

Prevention, rehabilitation, protection and support to children and even medicine children are some of the main areas of concern of The Vigilant. In addition are available, of course, for urgent enquiries.

On the weekends you can call at any time of the day and during the week the availability to the household is from 21h to 6h.


Since queries of urgency specialties such as psychiatry, neurology, orthopedics, physical therapy, or speech therapy, this service medical home offers almost everything you may need.

Even that is not a part of the areas where they operate, you can connect and many times the service turns out to be able to access your needs. With a medical standing, it is ideal not only for emergency situations, but also for people with difficulty to leave as parents themselves with children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility.


This is the service of physicians to the household the most different of all the others referred to. The Knok bet in an application that you can install on your phone so that you can easily call a doctor to address that need.

Through GPS, the app identifies where you are and sends the doctor to this location, and may also set a different location of that which is. In addition, by setting a location, can the patient see what doctors are available in this area, see the evaluations that have been allocated and then select the one who want to be understood.