Materials of Watches

The strap is a very important part of our clock, although rarely give the importance it deserves. A good belt has to be strong and in line with the design of the watch. We can not imagine a watch G-Shock series with a leather strap. Each type of watch has needs, Insidewatch needs a belt as strong as possible, while other watches prefer elegance.


For watches that do not need a particularly resistant belt, leather belts or crocodile bring great elegance to watches. The big disadvantage of this type of belts is that you can not get wet, quartered with relative ease and have to be very careful with hook them or scratch them if you do not want to stay without a leash in a short time.


Add strength and elegance to your watch. Most Edifice watches bearing steel strap series, combining strength and elegance. Being built with links let air and facilitate perspiration. We must be careful not to hook them because despite their resistance, the links may break. It does not rust and is quite difficult to scratch or damage it.


This type of watches combine elegance of analog watches with the functionality of digital watches, but without reaching any of the two. These watches give the time through the hands but also include stopwatch, world time, calendar and other basic features, even in higher-end models, compass and thermometer.



It is the most durable and lightweight belt, but also the most expensive. Various models of the Pro-Trek series come with titanium strap. Resist water and heat and cause corrosion, scratch resistant, it is non-magnetic and does not cause allergies.