Marit Bouwmeester Biografie

Marit Bouwmeester WINS in London during the 2012 Summer Olympics silver medal in sailing in the Laser Radial class. Marit Bouwmeester from Wartena, Friesland, has in Weymouth the batter managed to put on the silver medal in a sailing dinghy. A year earlier, she had already won the world title in the same class.

Weymouth, the waters of the Olympic sailing competition


The year 2012 is the year of the summer Olympic Games in London. The water sports of the summer games that will be held in Weymouth, on the British coast.
The Olympics end for Dutch Marit Bouwmeester successful.Frisian ends on 6 August 2012 behind the Chinese Xu Lijia. She stood up to the last race with China in the lead. The Belgian Evi Van Acker won bronze.
In 2011, Bouwmeester won the world.


Marit Bouwmeester started his sixth with sails. Bouwmeester will Wart from the village, which lies in the Frisian waters. She is sailing in the Laser Radial class, a single boat. She is a strong sailor, even if she is with her weight is one of the lightest in its class. With strong winds have slightly heavier women benefit from their weight. It compensates for this disadvantage by good technology.


Her coach is the British Mark Littlejohn.
Little John was appointed by the Dutch Sailing Federation KNWV 2005. It was his job to train people for the Dutch sailors for the London Olympics. He focused mainly on the driven Bouwmeester.


Bouwmeester spends a lot of time in the gym by growing muscle mass and work on his fitness. She enjoys sailing and travel to her sport.
She believes in hard training, and is also very passionate about it.

New sails

IOC Bouwmeester did not sail well, which makes them just before the Olympics also had to swap sails.All participants in the Olympic Games must sail with exactly the same material, but just before the start of the games showed that this is not always the case. Sail Bouwmeester had a few wrinkles that do not sit in the hearing. She protested and the IOC was with her: she got another sail. Exercise she does with old sails, since sailing twenty hours, but is still in top condition. In the heat of battle they will sail with the best materials and supplies its in Weymouth in 2012 a silver medal.

Laser Radial

The Laser Radial is a sailing class with a weight of about 60 kg. It’s a one-man boat with a sword.
In the Laser class, there are different types. Bouwmeester sailed at the London Olympics in the Laser Radial.
The boat has a sail on 5.76 m ².
Boaters and turner
Marit Bouwmeester was one of the most successful sailor who represented Netherlands at the Olympics.
Dorian van Rysselberghe surfed to a gold medal. Pieter Jan Postma sailed very meritorious, but just missed the medals. Ranomi kromowidjojo swam so hard she earned several medals.
Epke Zonderland, non-sailors competed for gold in London.