Marc by Marc Jacobs Summer

I want to be a gang but that dress of Marc. I am sure that in the Upper East not only are picky with much Vice and complicated minds, also young people who hate their superior status, while his friends grew up in the Lower East them between Veuve Clicqot. Therefore they want dser different, out of the norm, what their parents are advisable…

They want to dress up as extreme but clear way, their Daddies only buy them hyper-expensive clothes. For all of them Marc by Marc Jacobs It is a great choice. His collection is as irreverent as the teens, those who believe that they know everything when they don’t know nothing.

It is extreme but with some sweetness, childhood, is pijotera but underground. The young people of Marc by Marc Jacobs they are very sporty chic but they do that their clothes are rife with satins, stars and sparkles.

It’s a strange mix that reminds us to the New Wave, those who listened to New Order and Depeche Mode first time, mixed with a little of the girl’s pink and much Molly Ringwald and those 80 that now seem so pure and fun. Now that it is not living, is relayed what you do.

These mixtures of blue childhood with cloud of sugar roses and black and white and those growling faces of the models seems to me a clear reflection of the adolescence, the time in which you’re always huffed when you are indoors, and always happy when you’re out doing Knavery. If this will unite the touch Circus colors, mixtures and cuts of Trapeze artists will give with an equation that I don’t know the rest, but children well who don’t want to be so sure that adopt.