Makeup Tutorial For Those Who Wear Glasses

Atutorial for those who wear glasses, revealing a few secrets of make-up. Just a few moves to be wonderfully sexy with the lenses.

Even the glasses are a very feminine accessory and do not hide your face, the look, but rather, with a suitable make-up can enhance, hiding the little flaws and enhancing the appearance.

  • base:powder, foundation and blush have no restrictions. The important thing is knowing how to use based on your skin, the eyewear is not an obstacle. What we must not miss is the checker that illuminate the area under the eyes, and the blush is clearly passed only after wearing glasses in order to avoid the risk of invading the peri eye area and leave so the eye free.
  • eyes:some trick in this case is good. Care must be taken to the model of glasses you wear. If you have rimless lenses, you will also be freer to use color on the upper area and the eyebrows; but if you wear a frame you have to stake everything on the bottom of the eye as the eyelids are hidden. Often the lenses reduce the size of your eyes and is therefore not recommended to use black pencil inside the eye but should instead focus on an light color that enlarges and gives warmth. In the opposite case that the lenses increase the size of your eyes excessively, use dark makeup tricks can be a wonderful, green light, then the black pencil inside and below the eye, where there are the eyelashes.
  • eyebrows:always use a transparent fixer and try to make the deepest gaze filling the empty areas, choosing a specific eyebrow pencil advised by Beautypically.
  • mouth: in this case everything is very subjective: you choose a color in harmony with your face and your skin type. Yes to the strong color if you love to dare, maybe abbinandoci hype of the same color, or better still at odds.
  • the evening: to have a much more glamorous effect is nice to think of creating a point of light effect, perhaps applying the light eye shadow eyebrow arch and clearly NEVER forget the mascara, number one ally of every woman, with or without glasses . Attention only if already Mother Nature has presented there of very long eyelashes, in this case it is better to apply the product to the outside instead of forward.

In short, goldeneye and sexy you can. Not surprisingly many celebrities often show off the fake glasses, that personalize any kind of outfit.