Make Up the Hour: Hit the Use of Eyeliner

The eyeliner without a doubt is very important to a beautiful makeup, I have gathered some tips for you not to miss in his hand in time to pass.

The stroke must be close to the eyelashes and with a little patience and practice you will surely kill.

The EYELINERS never go out of fashion, but the trace of time is what starts fine in the inside corner of the eye and go beyond the outside corner thickening. With the thin tip up! a soft Kitty style.

Choose Your Favorite Eyeliner

There are several types on the market. Each gives a different effect when looking.

Is the most indicated for those with no practice. The stroke must be reforçardo, because the color is not so shiny.

The color of the pen is stronger. After application, wait a few seconds, because this guy blurs with ease.

The ponta grossa facilitates the application and renders marked traits. Spend two or three layers to enhance the color.

Powder or cream must be applied with the help of a brush dry or wet. The dash is very dark and lasts longer. This type can also be used as shade.

How to apply eyeliner correctly we tested a few techniques and the most practical was the mirror on the table. Sit down and rest your elbows to the side of the mirror to make the dash. Thus, the arms are stiff and his eyes open and facing down, making the application the whole trick is to have the arms firm.