Mailbox App from Dropbox Now Speaks with iCloud

The intuitive mail client from Dropbox is now updated, and can be used with both iCloud and Yahoo Mail.

When it comes down to it, so the system is on Apple’s devices tremendously easy to use, mainly because the options are extremely limited.

It is also seen in Mail app that is not full of groundbreaking features or disruptive elements.

It is preferred by some, but are you on the hunt for an alternative mail client, with more features, you should take a look at the app Mailbox.

The app is just updated to version 1.7.0., so that it now also supports both Apple’s iCloud and Yahoo Mail. It writes our site.

Cool features
Mailbox is extremely user friendly and gives you “crash course” in the different swipes, the first time you start the app. For example, you can “snooze” mail, so if you get an email, you don’t have time to read today, can you postpone its arrival.

You can also drag messages into lists, which is a little smarter way to organize your mails. There is of course also possible, to link up with your Mailbox Dropbox app, and you can paste content from there directly in mail.

Mailbox supports at the time of writing, iCloud Gmail and Yahoo Mail. The app is fully updated for iOS 7 on both appearance and functionality.
In addition, iOS app is universal (optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad), and can be downloaded for free from the App Store here.