Maid of Honor Can Wear Dress?

Maid of Honor Can Wear Dress?

One of the great dilemmas of who’s going to be maid of honor, is knowing which dress and color use on occasion. A concern, in fact, well understood after all, besides the bride and the mother of the bride, the godmother comes in as the third most prominent female figure in a wedding. And, of course, will be the target of sooooo many comments before, during and especially after the party.

In addition to the eternal question—the use of black for bridesmaids, there is another that is often inaccurate and impediment to women more joyful and exuberant personality, be able to dare a little more in these celebrations. If sponsor may or may not, use patterned dress.

First, great news for those who love a pattern and they don’t want to leave them at home–just as buddy’s wedding day of faith–the answer is: Yes! You can use pattern in marriage. But don’t get carried away too. To finish, with all those bee in your little head fashion, don’t miss the dose, and much less, be taxed to sponsor more poorly dressed of all time, note the tips of how to use the prints in this type of event.

-Use accessories that are, at the same time, discrete and luxurious. Yes, the fashion dress itself, already carry enough information.

-Careful with the prints, each season calls for a different, as well as the time and environment where the wedding will take place. Weddings on the beach, prints go well with tropical prints, in the field, floral fall like a glove, and in town, geometric or ethnic prints work best.

-Prints on satin fabric (if at night), very luxurious, that–taking advantage of the opportunity, married very well with summer. Another great option, are dressed in muslin fabric, containing small prints and rebordados with sparkles.

-Run the bugs, Yes? No Jaguars and zebras and derived from the brazilian fauna.