Luci The Solar Inflatable Flashlight

For most of us to turn on the light is easy, just turn on the switch. But this is not the reality for all people.

In some countries access to electricity is extremely difficult, and these people have to use kerosene candles and lanterns, which in turn is impractical and sometimes dangerous, especially in homes with vulnerable structures.

The American company 800zipcodes has created the LUCI, an inflatable flashlight that works only with solar energy and that can be used in emergency situations or where there are difficulties in access to electric energy

With the particularity of using a completely clean energy that can be used by anyone in any situation, just leave it 8 hours in the sun and the flashlight will then be operational for about 12 hours even underwater.

This Luci flashlight can be packed with a size of 2.5cm and a weight of 113g.

The cost of the Luci Lantern ranges from $ 9.99 to $ 24.99 depending on the model chosen.

LUCI is being marketed in the United States, particularly for emergencies and camping. However marketing in other countries is also in the plans of the manufacturer Mpowerd.

Watch The Presentation Video Of The Inflatable Flashlight Luci

It is already planned to send about 2000 units to Nepal that has recently been hit by an earthquake under the “Give Luci Program” aid program.