Louis Vuitton Resort: Journey to the 70 Years in Jet

We continue with the oversize of the autumn collection clothing of Louis Vuitton, but for the 2013 Resort collection French firm, style choose a much more attractive way to begin the cobinaciones of pink colors, mallows, chocolate, blue, dilute with cream are which can be described as “ beautiful “. Follow the seventies inspired many of the clothes (one of the decades that has given us more joy to the world of fashion) and ended up with the nostalgic retro patterns of fabrics, much easier to digest than in the earlier collection presented in Paris. We are in this cruise collection with a collection to be considered and that enters the eyes at first glance.


I guess that after criticism of the autumn-winter collection, Marc Jacobs redeems it. They are not the times to propose changing little marketable. (E) to inject a certain dose of optimism with a cheerful palette always encourages sales. The Roses They combine well with the electric blue and Brown, as if we were eating a strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Attention to loving bears bitonal shelters. They promise to be a hit.


Certain doses of nostalgia we invade to see some of the clothes: tops that leave one shoulder to air, the style of Halston, Bermuda, midi skirts, Saharan, long jackets, … as vintage of the 70’s, but in new and with four-digit prices.

Printed retro

The prints who invaded the entire collection of autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 become lighter, more discrete, and build simple and easy-to-wear garments. In small doses, everything tastes better.

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