Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter

I love the collections recovered past, especially if it is with both style and collection Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2013 / 2014. And when I saw the parade, not of been able to stop thinking about the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in CAT on the roof of the zinc, where she spent almost the entire film in underwear, giving retort to an equally handsome Paul Newman.

The lingerie comes to light

Pajamas, Nightgowns, lingerie, bodystockings and Goan make up much of the collection. Do not confuse, nothing homespun, but suitable for display in the street, which is Louis Vuitton and is still a luxury in capital letters (not as incursion of Saint Laurent on the wild side of life). Even the own Marc Jacobs It has come to greet you in pajamas, to not clash with that intimate atmosphere.

Noble materials

To reinforce the image of sensuality and class, the fabrics used are of high level: leather, satin, velvet, tweed, feather marabou, wool, cashmere, lace, sequins… A parade that blend the sensuality of lingerie more female and more sinuous dresses with the masculinity of loa coats & jackets.

Kate Moss He repeated as a luxury model for his friend Marc Jacobs. Very pretty with wig and red lipstick.