Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter: Faith Blind Stamping

Discussion at this week’s Paris fashion is going to split a few:?Louis Vuitton or Prada? Marc Jacobs or Miuccia Prada? Both are marketing geniuses, so it is difficult to choose as the winner one when it comes to putting the who did before. For the next collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 the French firm is given a surfeit of print retro as a while ago that we did not see.

Stamping is the resource of the firms to be recognized, in the absence of logos. In the absence of something that makes them more obvious at a time of so much information and competition, it is logical that Louis Vuitton check is a Prada in the sense of the basic tricks to be recognized at a glance. But this is not new to the firm, but they do it every season.

The taste for the printed retro is also another of the hallmarks of Marc Jacobs. Every season looking for loop the loop with any idea more “ original ” or “ innovative ”. The collection of more than a Prada reminds me of Marni spring/summer 2012, which, in turn, share school with Miuccia. If it’s all a circle.

By Jacobs retrieves Jamiroquai hats, as says my colleague Di by Dior. Some terrible hats. Also rejoins the game overlays with skirt and pants that is the latest between depending on which signatures.

Large forms, details in dresses that we had already seen in Marc Jacobs autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 and a printed paisley sharing bulbs with brighter ideas.

An insipid collection.

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