Looks for Festa Do Peão with Great Management and Style

The famous pawn parties are the most expected by the cowboys and cowgirls. These are the events that the men and women NAB ’em in your clothes and accessories, to ensure management in visual. Generally, these holidays to country music around, plus numerous other attractions that amaze the public.


The Festa do Peão had your first event held in 1956 in Latin America. Its first edition was held under a circus tent. However, the event has grown and is gaining more and more prominence. He is currently one of the most important festivals and became country cultural reference of the Brazilian interior.


Some Parties of pawn are in Brazilian territory. Having as main highlight the party of Barretos, which attracts thousands of tourists, and has become the “home” of Bush. National and international sportsmen, artists from all over the world and many attractions are some of the highlights of the Festival.
Another event that stands out is the Rodeo de Jaguariúna, held in São Paulo. His world began in 2004 highlighted. This year, the event was attended by famous spinners Americans, Canadians and Australians.
The Festa do Peão de Americana is also another highlight. Attracts more than 400,000 people per issue. Technological innovations are the differential of the event, which also surprises its visitors with music hinterland.


For the cowgirl, the production is of the utmost importance. For this reason, the country woman must prepare with days in advance to ensure a visual. An event like the Pawn party deserves a worthy production.

Know what your style

There are several styles of cowgirls. Therefore, it is necessary that the country woman keep in mind what the style that suits you and makes you feel good. There are the cowgirls who like a more stripped down and practical. However, there are those who want to be with something more elegant and sophisticated.

Belt – T-shirt – Boots – Cap

The cowgirl stripped like productions that leave her comfortable and practical. That way, the look leaves in an instant, without losing the real beauty.

The caps are accessories that match this style, and are super versatile. T-shirts with prints hinterland are elements that talk well with the naked cowgirl, ensuring that the look have complete comfort and practicality.

To complete the production and have a visual filled with enriching detail, the tip is to invest in the country more boot combines with your style. The proposed look, we opted for the boots of animal print. That in addition to being modern, has a rustic touch.

The belt can stay at the discretion of the country cowgirl, but it gives even more fun for the production.

Belt – Hat – Boots

The stylish cowgirl like differential. She’s always opting for glamorous country parts and full of details. To contain further elements, the look of elegant woman takes a little longer to be composed, because you need to be careful with the balance of the parts.

The look starts with what kind of pants use: flares or slim? Flare pants are perfect for all biotypes. When supplemented with t-shirts, gain a more stripped. However, when augmented with shirts and blazers, favor and led to a more sophisticated and worthy of country Parties.

The choice of the boot is essential according to the type of pants. For slim pants, the tip is to bet in the medium-to-long boots, and may be of jump or not. The pants are always great to use flares to boot crew socks.

Bet on accessories is at the discretion of the cowgirl. But if it is to rock in a Party pawn, that hat and belt country. Bet on those more sophisticated and modern. If you’re going to wear hats it is important to know which looks better in your face type. This tip you can see here.


The cowboy always leaves to decide at the last minute. However, this can bring some unexpected. For this, the tips on how to dress for the famous Party of Pawn is of extreme importance. Start the Organization for parts and invest in a full of management. An event like the Pawn party deserves a look country.

Trousers – T-shirt – Boot – Buckle – Belt – Hat

The shirts are registered trademark of cowboys more stripped. In addition to the comfort and practicality, they bring originality to the production of the man. By having prints of country universe, they carry the essence of field and print even more personality to the cowboy that uses.

The jeans are faithful partners of the cowboys. The tone of this piece is at the discretion of the Western man. Remembering that the darker shades bring a little more sophistication to the visual.

Beak boots for square and round are most suitable to compose minimal productions. Many have enriching details in your pipes. The interesting thing is to let them out.

Buckles and belts country are elements which enrich even more the cowboy. For this reason, use them whenever possible. The caps are accessories that bring more management and guarantee a visual stripped and stylish.

Boot – Shirt – Pants – Hat – Buckle – Belt

The traditional cowboy is one who wears denim shirt, along with your jeans and your boot country. To top it off, he adds a beautiful buckle and a hat a lot of country management.

The Plaid Shirt is a very welcome in productions for parties of Rodeo. It is characteristic of the Western man. For this reason, it is one of the favorite parts of traditional cowboy.

After the shirt, another piece that stands out are the jeans. The darker colors assure a more authentic and sophisticated.

The pointy boots or square are perfect for the traditional cowboy has your visual style. The buckles and belts country are elements that must be in the look of the man swing, because they bring the balance that the country must have costume.

And you, which look liked more? Tell us in the comments.