Long Hair without Sacrifice

Experts give tips on how to use and care for extensions. Learn!

All we women have suffered with Miss our long locks that were on account of an unfortunate cut. Hoping to make hair grow, it’s worth investing in products, tricks and even Mandingo-know that visit to the salon to cut the wires according to the phases of the Moon? The medieval methods to conquer the long braids of “Rapunzel” are past. Hairpieces and extensions can lengthen your hair and make you powerful overnight.

On TV it is evident this week Mayana Moura appeared with longer hair, all for a next character. Since Giovanna Antonelli, on air in rerun of “Clone” to Deborah Secco, as the perky Natalie Lamour, in “Foolish Heart”, enters and exits the year year, the actresses need to reinvent itself for a new role.

To help the contestants, we coneversamos with the expert in hair extensions and extensions Jaqueline Larcher, JakBell salon, located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. According to her, any one can use extensions, but needs some care, starting with the choice: “always Prefer natural, synthetic, wear out more easily and the long time give appearance of doll hair”.

For those who are not certain of the radical change a apply ponytail is simple and enhances the visual. Already the “tic tac”, Appliqués are easy to be removed, can serve as a test for the most insecure. The ideal is that the Extensions be changed every three or four months and it all depends on the care. “Use shampoo without salt and prevent sea water” are some of the valuable tips as well as Jaqueline “do hydration and wash the wires from top to bottom, not in a circular motion not to tangle the wires”.

The trendy image consultant Fernando Torquatto do chorus: “recommendations Put extensions is not a joke and should be done by a real professional,” says and continues: “you can’t be too careful, especially not to pick up fungus. Or go bald! “alert. The average price for the candidate to Rapunzel is R $1,300 and the blonde coloring are usually more expensive because they require more care.

Dudu Meckelburg, HBD Spa, responsible for wigs and hair of the cast of the musical “Hair”, enter the circle and give advice to anyone who opts for the traditional long model: “the hair is the frame of the face, but long hair is also the frame of the body”, guarantees. Women with body fitter should prefer models with greater volume, the slender flat wires.

At bedtime, Dudu indicates to braid the hair to prevent them crowd and never stop using massage creams and summer care: “the excess of Sun can cause the glue melt and release some wires, so it’s always good to protect your hair with scarves and hats. Asked about whether the sets can migrate to the male universe, the visagista thrill:”I certainly would. Is much better than waiting to grow, this is it, to laughter.