Login to Flickr with your Google Email

A novelty presented by Flickr on Friday promises to please in full users of Gmail who are too lazy to create other email accounts just to use third-party services. It is that the photo upload website, maintained by Yahoo, from now accepts the registration of new accounts based on addresses Gmail – or any other that is in Google Account, but Gmail is the easiest way.

This change is only possible due to OpenID, an initiative that will allow future users to use the same register – Google, say – to access tools from other websites.

Flickr said that currently this authentication is only possible for new customers who create accounts on the site based on photographs Google Account. But the company promises easier and less formal set to ask the user to login on the site.

Win website that offers a service, because the information is imported, without the need for a new record, and won the authentication provider that sees more users interested in maintaining an account with him to be able to use third-party services.

Great websites have adopted OpenID in part or totally, like Google, MySpace, AOL and now Flickr. Ideally, this authentication mode further grow.