Light Menu Tip for Enjoying the Summer

Allying Physical Exercises to Balanced Diet Helps in Weight Loss

Along with the hottest season of the year is there always a concern: to face the bikinis and shorts? And that is when the race begins in search of the most efficient exercises and miracle diets. To help people who want to spend the summer in peace with their body and their conscience, nutritionist André Pellegrini, from the center of Welfare Levitas, gives some tips of food and dishes that can contribute to reach the ideal, without neglecting health.

“That concern for good form at the top of the hour is unavoidable, because we know it’s summer. But it is important to stress that radical diets can unbalance the body – says Pellegrini.

According to the professional, the main tip is to combine a light and balanced diet with frequent physical exercises. Check out the suggested menu on top of a reduction in carbohydrate volume that does not compromise physical training and help from


– 1 glass of ready-to-drink skimmed yogurt; – 1 whole-grain toast with 1 thin slice of white cheese; – 1 fruit (1/2 papaya or 1 apple, or 1 slice of melon).

Morning snack:

– 3 whole water and salt biscuits; – 1 glass of light soy juice; * If you have exercised before this meal, add 1 bar of cereal or 1 banana with sugar.

– 1 plate of salad of leaves and vegetables with 1 meat; * Tips: to get out of the routine “salad + grilled”, one option is to change the grilled by: carpaccio, kani kama, buffalo mozzarella light or chopped white cheese, strips of chicken or fish, canned light tuna; – 1 glass of natural juice without sugar.

Afternoon snack:
Option 1 – fruit salad + 3 nuts from Pará; Option 2 – 1 pot of skimmed natural yogurt + 3 tablespoons of whole morning cereal or 2 tablespoons of granola; Option 3 – 1 glass of vitamin skimmed milk skimmed with fruits (strawberry, apple, red fruits, papaya).

* For people who exercise at this interval, take 1 cup of unsweetened natural juice as soon as you leave the workout.

– ½ plate of salad leaves and vegetables; – 2 tablespoons brown rice; – 1 serving of meat (preference for fish) or eggs.