Light Bulb Packaging Requirements

Why change the designation on the packaging of all lamps?
From September 1, 2010. enter into force EU directive according to which all lighting must be identified first and foremost in lumens, a comparison which was common until now in watts compared to the old conventional incandescent bulbs remains secondary.

This measure is necessitated by the fact that much of users are confused when choosing the necessary lighting and lighting type. With the advent of new types of lamps for lighting produced by different technologies becomes very difficult consumer to make informed choices about the necessary vigor purchased lighting.

As a result of this decision all the luminaries placed on the market leading mark to be broadcast lumens ( the power of light output) it must be clearly marked on the packaging of the lamp and a large font so far leading comparison in watts over the old bulbs.this measure also aims to avoid speculation of manufacturers in the old leading comparison watts against watts. Many of them took advantage of the fact that as the old 100-watt bulbs depending on the manufacturer and production technology emit around 1100 to 1450 lumens and comparison always choose a lesser ie around 1100 as usually emit and 20 watt lamps.

With the adoption of new changes comparison will now use the upper limit of 1400 lumens as a result of which 20 watt energy-saving lamps emitting as 1200 lumens, which until now have been designated as 20w = 100w now have to be labeled as such 20w = 88w. With the changes already mandatory on all boxes of lighting should be noted mercury content (if any) and time required for specific lighting to reach 60% of their maximum power (usually announces 5 to 30 seconds). Also now required will be written the number of inclusions and exclusions of specific lighting (usually between 5,000 and 10,000 inclusions) Here are some examples of comparisons from which to navigate for future purchases of lighting fixtures for your lighting. The old 100 watt energy saving bulbs emit 1100-1450 lumens and can replace them with energy-saving lamps with power 20-23 watts emitting around 1200 to 1400 lumens or with LED lamps with a power of 10-15 watts emitting 1000-1500 lumens lamps with the old designation will sold commercially while stocks and this should not bother you when you see that for the same lighting fixtures are listed the same lumens, while at the same time indicated that meet different watts.