LG Watch Urbane Luxe, The Smartwatch for LG with 23-Karat Gold Costume Is Official

When the river sounds, water carries. Our elders that say pulling wisdom, and the truth is that many times the world shows us that the experience is a degree and very applicable proverbs.

This time it was LG who has confirmed the rumors, because days ago there was talk of a luxurious version of its latest smartwatch, and Today it has made official the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, a version of the Watch Urbane who we met at the beginning of this year but that is dressed with a 23 karat gold casing.

The model designed in collaboration with American jewelry REEDS, and in addition to its frame in precious metal adds to the set one strap in alligator available in various colors and a box of lacquered wood in style piano which has been specially designed for the occasion.

With this Watch Urbane Luxe, LG guys bring us the first smart watch with Android Wear aimed at the more affluent class, and do likewise in a Edition limited to 500 numbered pieces that it will be available, with its certificate of authenticity, on the web site of the REEDS jewelry only to the United States.

Your price will be of 1,195 dollars for the basic model Brown strap – on images – while other belts in other shades they will cost additional $195.

LG the idea you think, at least in the words of Chris Yie, Vice President and director of marketing and communications for LG Mobile, as the wearables it is true that they have a note of fashion and style added to the technology section:

This blending of craftsmanship and technology is a natural evolution of the smartwatch, which is becoming more of a lifestyle accessory than a piece of hardware. We think this is a good direction for wearables and we want to encourage this transformation.This blend of craftsmanship and technology is a natural evolution of the smart clock, which is becoming more and more in a style fitting of life rather than a piece of hardware. We believe that this is the right direction for wearable devices and we want to strengthen this transformation.