LG Optimus G Updated with 4.4 Today

While many are waiting for Android KitKat for G2, jumping little brother Optimus G queue and get Android 4.4.

How to update Android KitKat to LG’s top model G2 first is expected again at the beginning of 2014, it seems to last years top model, comes the anticipated. In Estonia will be Google latest version of the operating system now rolled out today.

The body of the news has been confirmed by LG’s own facebook page in Estonia, which update at the time of writing rolled out to customers of Elisa (Estonia’s second-largest telecommunications company)-and only to them.

Where and when the global, and especially Danish, rollout of KitKat will happen, joins LG Estonia do not know anything about. But it is good to be able to announce that Android 4.4 lives with LG and hopefully soon will be available.