LG Nexus 5 Review: the Friendliest Android [Mobile Test]

Recently a member of the Nexus family is genuine quality behind a quiet but style probably external.

Nexus for dummies

Every time we reviewed a Nexus, it is worth making a crash-course in the Nexus storyline. Google has originally meant the Nexus as a smartphone targeted at software developers. Armed with the they could try, try out their newest software on the latest version of the operating system Android.

Google has with the last Nexus 4 extended the concept to be a wedge to pick up the U.S. market. Telecommunications giants reigns over there with dogs animal subscriptions to 2 years, but misleading cheap mobile phones. Nexus 4 should be inexpensive to acquire, but also inexpensive to subscribe to. And since Google also serves on their services, advertisements and products in Play Big Google could sell Nexus 4 to a relatively record low price.

This year has gone in a third direction Nexus, the price is set up a bit, but the phone is now out to wrestle with the top models from Samsung, Apple, HTC and LG.

Where Google have previously developed Nexus in cooperation with a mobile manufacturer and the result has been lying near the cooperation partner’s top model, Google is now gone their own ways in their industrial designs. How Nexus has previously been a variety of Glitterati as LG Optimus G, Samsung Galaxy S series and HTC Desire, is the latest design entirely his own: memories of something, it reminds the most about Google’s own tablet: Nexus 7. Although Nexus 5 formally is based on the same platform as the LG G2, is it not rather to eyes.

Nexus 5 – no snob

At first hand grip is Nexus 5 an integrated case light 130 grams. A great phone – but among 5-inch krabaterne on the market, is the one the most maneuverable. Although the goals says 138x69x 8.6 mm gets the sloped edges and the curved behind the phone to seem thinner than it really is.

Take one trip around you will meet two types of plastic: a rubbery cover that ensures a firm grip. Around you will find a very solid, almost metallic plastic type as a quarter of a millimeter cling around the large, sharp Full HD screen, which provides a minimal protection against the inevitable shock.

The screen on the Nexus 5 is the most comfortable to date, with 445 PPI is the razor-sharp, and combined with the muted pastel colors, it is a delicacy for the cornea. Viewing angles are good, the colors are less saturated than those one encounters at URf.eks. big brother LG G2. But compared to a calibrated monitor, you will see that here is more correct colors.

At the bottom you will find a lone speaker, lonely and a little strident – here will Hi-Fi Club enough wrinkle on the nose (and ears). Avoids shutting sound of with the Palm of the works, however, as it must.

All in all, it appears the Nexus 5 never ever really noble. Here is no bling, no imponator-effect, but just like with a couple of kamelulds suck it whole so pleasant and well located (on your toes) by hand.


Providing fantastic but stumbles in the 4 g-waves

Under the bonnet you will find four generously grown so-called Snap dragon 800 cylinders, drilled out to 2.3 Ghz, and it can be felt. At the same time, Android 4.4 KitKat optimized, to scroll smoothly, even on devices with less power in the engine room. It means speed.

There is no hesitation, stuttering, stuttering or doubt to track in the poultry. Even during heavy multitasking, such as switching from racing game Asphalt 8, to YouTube, to open a new browser and a large PDF file, wagging its tail and willing Nexus skips to the next challenge. Good dog.

4 g modem has, however, provided some anguish, where the antenna is not always clasps on the fast frequencies. Downgrade to 3 g, the problem is solved. Here is doing something better, cousin LG G2 but Telia has shown also some of the blame here.

The battery has worried some, since it is something less than what you find in, for example, Samsung S4 (2600 mAh) and LG G2 (3000 mAh). I cannot, therefore, gratifying to announce that, despite the humble 2300 mAh, delivers the expectation and can stand up to a full day’s work-as long as you do not swing the whip too hard.

Enter the Google Experience

Since Android 4.0 was released, received the robot its largest-ever face-lift. With Android 4.4 we see the suggestion for a new design Android moves against, in the upcoming 3.1. Google goes here new roads and separates the so-called ‘ Launcher ‘ (the home screen and application-tray) from the operating system. And so is it, besides being re-designed, now able to obey oral ‘ OK Google’-commands, for searches, open close applications, and more.

With the new launcher introduces Google also a new lighter farvepallette, white is the new blue and former black menu backgrounds are now either white or transparent. The font is thinner and the icons are inflated and far more readable than in the past, and we are left with a simple, functional user interface. Exactly as they should be.

Generally there are weeded out in the superfluous buttons – while some features are stored a little further down in the menus. That requires a little getting used to, and it has taken me longer than I should admit that perform a simple shift, like to add a home screen.

Android 4.4 also offers a lot of new in the engine compartment, but for us end users, is the new print functionality, and improved file sharing, most with to make Android 4.4 to the most advanced operating system for phones.

Camera in automatic transmission

The camera has got a mixed ride, to start with it was actually convicted out of several reviewers, because of the unruly autofocus, which prefer to use a few attempts to find the right focus. But the new 4.4.1 update has given the camera a little more determination, and it is now much faster and far more confident in focus.

What is the actual operating lag designed in return. There is no dedicated release button (correction: one can use the volume buttons as a trigger button, good detail), almost no manual settings, and the actual image view crop the top and bottom off of the image. The nexus is just more to full automation and intelligent image processing. It can piece together panoramas, 360 degrees vistaer and HDR images – but as a photographer you get not much to say.

Fortunately, the picture quality, especially after the update, good. It does not replace mirror reflex, but it is a muzzle hair after best in class such as iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4. And so have the optical billedstabilisation – pictures are less shocked.

The video portion takes place in Full HD at 30 frames/sec. and a data-rate of 17 mbps. It is sufficient, but fall back compared to the top models out there, but stabilisationen ensures that does not go here again Dogma-film in the footage.

Will be Nexus ever to Nægsus?

As Nexus-owner, you are guaranteed the first updates to the latest versions, as well as the latest features in Android – just not in Danish. The engine room is obviously the same, but Google Now – Google’s search service is still, psychics almost one and a half years after the release, nowhere to be found on the Danish.

Another snag is the availability, where our French, German and British neighbors can order it directly by Google’s Play Great for 349 € and 399 € (2600kr. and 3000 DKK) for 16 GB and 32 GB versions respectively. A little more multicultural, and especially Danish, spirit from Google’s call, so we can get some Danish Nægsus’er in trade.

As the country is located today, the parallel import of 3400 us. (16 GB) – still a very reasonable price.

All in all, the Nexus 5 a faithful companion, it has its quirks and an arrogant relative to the Danish language, but one can overlook its little weaknesses, you get a fantastic piece of electronics. Always on his toes, also forward-looking, Nexus 5 is the pleasantest Android to date.

+ Successful understated design
+ Grip
+ Stunning monitor with natural colours
+ Simple but complete interface
+ Android 4.4 and rapid updates.

-Lack of functionality in Danish
-4 g reception is weak
-Very few manual camera functions
-Mediocre video