LG G5, in Latin America with 3 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 652

Not all LG G5 are equal to each other. No, we are talking about the ability to customize the South Korean smartphone through the use of modules for the popular Magic Slots, but to a singular news concerning variante di LG G5 that will be marketing in Latin America.

According to what stated by Sales Manager LG Chile, Cristián Correa, the new top of the range will be marketed in an unusual variant of processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 3 GB RAM, probably LPDDR3 SoC specifications used views. In addition to this, the G5, but not only, the Chilean will be marketed without any support at Viewer LG VR. Since LG VR is one of the so-called LG G5 Friends, it is not clear whether his failure to support hiding as well as other important details, such as the total absence of Magic slots, although this option is definitely unlikely.

Correa pointed out that this choice derives from a number of elements of different nature. First of all, we find a financial problem that sees Latin America countries favoured currencies against foreign ones, bringing higher costs for imported goods and a consequent price marketing that would be important. Secondly we find the almost total disregard of the public towards the VR technology, which is why an investment in this direction would not bring any significant revenue. According to Correa, this variant of LG G5 represents a “better offer”to satisfy all definitely good performance at a lower price.

Obviously this does not mean that the LG G5 equipped with Snapdragon 652 may be minimally compared to the brothers equipped with the more handsome Snapdragon 820;We’re talking about a strong performance gap that places devices on two different levels, although for some this may not be quite as crucial.