leSchal Charity Silk Scarves

The idea was born after a joint Cambodia travel: Inken Rahul and Kerstin Schnyder-actually Art Director and marketing and communication Director-decided to sell produced cotton scarves in Europe, to donate the profits to the children Hospital of Angkor hospital for children in Siem Reap in Cambodia in Cambodia.

The result is a unique charity idea leSchal, fashion, shopping, and good do with each other connects. The designs are created on the spot together with experienced weavers. The plaid pattern are traditionally Khmer, the colors and the color mix: bright shades of blue, cool grey, here and there pink as Farbkleks or noble beige – mix with the classic plaid pattern are the current leSchals that does perfect fashion Accessories in the autumn/winter 2012 – and the ideal Christmas gift, with the man still good. New in the product range for the first time scarves with 25 percent are silk share. Here at Answerresume you can get more different models and styles.

In micro-enterprises around the city of Siem Reap in northwestern of Cambodia, the beautiful cotton scarves, which are manufactured according to the models of the “Kramas”-traditional Cambodian scarves – resulting in well-run companies and artful hand work. Eight hours scarf hand work on the loom for just one, then sewn on the label by hand – finished is a real leSchal.

The success gives the right the two initiators: since sales began in November 2011 already $ 13,000 at the children’s Hospital for surgery on the child’s open heart or to fight an acute dengue fever could be donated to epidemic. The entire leSchal collection is there online and in Pop-Up stores. Sales prices are between 30 and 95 euro per scarf.