Lenovo Will Sell Smartphones in Germany Next Year

Lenovo has seen massive progress on the Asian market, now they have to try their hand at the European-starting in Germany.

Chinese Lenovo has seen great progress in the last year, mainly on the Asian market. Now confirms Stefan Engel, head of Lenovo in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to a German newspaper that Lenevo expects to expand their business in Germany, however, without putting a firm date.

If Lenovo manages to create success in Germany, it is probably just the first stop, and then hope that they can be subsequently extend their product portfolio here in the Nordic region.

Just like at home selling Lenovo lots of laptops in Germany, but smartphones usually require agreements with national network operators. The next months will be used to create agreements with operators in Germany tells Angel.

78 percent progress for mobiles

Lenovo has so had the wind in its sails it last year and has established itself as among the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. According to Gartner has they have in the third quarter of this year overtaken LG and is now the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, behind Samsung and Apple.

In one year, they have seen the number of mobiles sold increase by 78 percent and their reported earnings rose 36 percent in the second quarter also. There is, therefore, both the will and the means to a more prominent role in the mobile market in Europe.