Led Headlamp Led 78 Lumens – Coleman

Whether for camping, fishing or hunting, Coleman’s High Power ™ lantern is lightweight, and lets you see long distances when the sun goes down. It has 3 lighting intensities: Low light, medium light and high. Up to 78 extra-bright lumens can be adjusted. This flashlight comes with up to 249 feet, or 76m of light at its maximum setting. It also has leds in cool colors, and never need to be replaced. When you have a harder job, your head lets you point the LEDs where you need them, and the fully adjustable elastic makes the flashlight highly comfortable during use. Works with 3 AAA batteries, included.

– Brand: Coleman
– Model: High Power Headlamp


– Highly adjustable headband, ensuring total comfort
– Flashlight shaft allows you to look at the light beam wherever it is needed
– Lightweight and easy to carry
– 3 Light intensities |: Low light, medium, and high
– Blue LED option or Red, in addition to the traditional white at necessaryhome.com
– Configurable up to 78 Lumens
– In low light it has a range of 36m, medium light 54m and High 75m (249 feet)
– Works for up to 8 hours at maximum configuration and 55 hours at configuration minimum
– Lifetime LED, no need for replacement
– Water resistant design
– 6-position rotary switch
– Power: 3 x AAA batteries (Included)