Leather Jacket and Grey Tailoring

A few days ago we talked about the colors that are high this winter and if you haven’t read the post I advise you to do it as soon as possible, if you read, or whether it is a man who pays attention to your back must have already noticed that Brown is one of the highlight colors for the station, as well as gray and their variations. The look right this week brings together these hues in the best way in a combination that goes from alinhadinho to relax with a few modifications, see below.

Why Does It Work?

This is for those who do not believe in versatility of formal wear: get a custom light gray (neutral) or medium gray, replace the jacket for a leather jacket, add a classic formal shirt and tie with micro print is you have the look above. Professional, modern, elegant, serious without being square and with a bold touch, there’s no shortage of adjectives to describe it.

The jacket has an interesting detail at http://www.oakdaleblog.com/2017/07/27/oriental-jacket-for-plus-size-girl/: despite being a bomber, this is a “barracuta”, it is possible to identify it because the collar that is always raised instead of the collar of your older sister that is similar to that of a shirt, only bigger.

So this combo to be perfect is I need a shirt with trim slim and suitable for your body, otherwise the jacket will terminate if you have fabric left over or missing if you wear it open. The pants are well adjusted in the body, but is only recommended to use like this if you are very thin, otherwise the best is that he has a little more fabric left.

Two Versions, Two Shoes

1–For the informal working environment that requires a suit more lined this combination is perfect, just a Brown Oxford or loafer in the same color;

2-to change the shoe or boot in nubuck, preferably with brogues adorning, the tie can stay home, or, if you are giving a stretched on happy hour and can drop one or two buttons to be more comfortable.


Add a postman or a backpack type bag, both of leather, but there is no need to match the colors found in the clothes, just make sure that the model is not very stripped down, the suit is very elegant and deserves the time.

It Wouldn’t Be The Same If…

We used a jacket, perfecto is very beautiful, but has a style that clashes with formal and sophisticated air this outfit won, I’m not saying it would be wrong, but not so elegant.

In Short:

Brown is a color under-used in menswear, combine it with neutral and make success;

barracuta jacket has a bolder collar that helps to insert more style;

The tailoring pants may be slim, but should not be pasted too much, especially if you have extra pounds;

Take off your tie and adds a casual footwear to win a relaxing look, ideal for walk;

A leather handbag can be a perfect addition to this combo;

Be careful with the choice of shirt, extra tissue can prejudice the outcome;

Keep the tie discreet, the jacket calls a lot of attention.

Additional Tips:

For fat-care with jackets with lining very bulky, they will make you gain a few pounds. If your legs are too fat opts for pants with trim straight to keep them marked.

For short people-a chunkier shoes can give you some cm cutting on silhouette caused by jacket will take. If you play for the tie, will like the result.

For the altões-the open jacket can lengthen your back too much, shut she highlights the face and the beautiful tie, take the second option.