Leather Belt For Men

As a man it is not easy, because many accessories, with which one can give its appearance the certain something is not. It is so difficult to set accents, especially in professional life, so you should pay particular attention to the accessories, which allow you to live your own style. Of course, without exaggerating, these accessories include for example the wristwatch, cufflinks, a handkerchief and the belt. On the latter, this article focuses on some details regarding the leather belt for men.

Why Leather As A Material For A Belt

Why is leather suitable for a high-quality belt defined by lawschoolsinusa? The answer to this question is quite fast, considering what material high-quality shoes are, right, leather, so why should you avoid a lower grade material such as cloth or plastic in the belt? In the leisure outfit I leave me fabric belt just fallen, with plastic belt I can do nothing at all.

But leather belt is not the same as leather belt. So, when choosing a belt, make sure that it is made of full leather. In contrast to models made of pressed leather residues, these are particularly stable and will not become brittle over time. In addition, the belt is heavily stressed by daily wear and should therefore be able to withstand a lot. For the care of the belt, special leather grease or leather oil is recommended.

Leather Belt For Men-The Right Size

There are some things to consider when buying a belt. Thus, for example, the belt width of the belt is always printed on the back or is placed on a label attached to it. In search of the right size, there are different ways to determine these:

Old belt for comparison

Measure with a cord somewhere between the bottom ribs and the pelvic bone, this is the place where the trousers are sitting and the length of the cord with the new belt

Use the measuring tape from the manor or immediately measure the belt width on the spot

The length of the belt is always measured from the anchoring of the buckle and the buckle to the middle hole. Belt sizes start small at 80 cm with the size of the clothing and reach an oversized size of up to 135 cm or up to 145 cm. In order to ensure that the belt actually fits you should try this easy. Actually, it should be clear, but I would nevertheless like to mention, the belt purchase should not be made directly after the meal for obvious reasons.

The Buckle Of The Belt

The buckle, which is also known as “paddock”, is probably the most important detail on the belt. So there is a variety of different buckles from the buckle, but for the business area only the classic belt buckle with a movable mandrel is suitable. For here, the deferent the better. Therefore you should also avoid buckles with embellishments or strikingly engraved brand names or details. In most cases the buckles are found in the business area in silver optics, which harmonizes easily with other Accesssoires, even with a gold watch.

Leather Belt As Best

It may happen that the desired belt is not available in the desired length or the waist width is just randomly between the hole distances. For whatever reason – sometimes it is necessary to shorten a belt. If you are a bit crafty, this is not so difficult with screwed belts, because leather is as a material not only comfortable to wear, but also to work. The following is a brief listing of the work steps necessary to shorten a leather belt.

Thus a screwed leather belt is shortened:

  1. Open the screw in close proximity
  2. Cut the belt to the desired length, preferably with a sharp knife.Note that this is shortened on the side of the bolt hole
  3. Make a new hole, for example, with a belt tong
  4. Screw the buckle to the new hole – done!

Shoes And Belts Should Always Be In Harmony

When choosing your leather belt, you should always ensure that this is harmonized with the shoes you wear. If, for example, men wear shoes with a zipper or a buckle, the metals of which are gold or silver, the color of the belt buckle should harmonize with those of the metals on the shoes. Because disharmony is particularly noticeable here.

In the past, it was even easier to tune from belt to shoe, since belts and shoes were usually made from the same material. So you had no worries that both fit together. Nowadays such a thing can only be found in very few gentrymen. If the color black has even fewer problems with belt and shoes to approach, one has with the color brown rather a problem, because Braun is not equal to Braun.

This is less a problem with the color black, but with brown it is even more difficult: brown is not equal to brown. So if you want to buy a new belt, you can take your shoes with you. Thus, the color nuances from shoe to belt can be perfectly matched.

Now I hope that you could learn something about leather belts for gentlemen. I would be interested in what type of belt you prefer to wear? Leather, fabric or even plastic belt? Write me in the comments.