Learn How to Make Creative Recipes for Dog

Banana Oat Cookies

-1 banana madura tiny shelled
-1 egg
-50 g of unsalted butter
-2 tablespoons honey soup
-1 cup of oatmeal flakes
-1 teaspoon of powder pot
-2 cups flour, approximately.


First, mix all the ingredients of the recipe, until the consistency get pretty homogeneous. Then, add (gradually) flour until the dough don’t be sticking very hands. Then take a rolling pin and roll out the dough that formed, and cut in desired format you want cookie. Use creativity and try bones, for example. There are several on the market different cookie cutters that can be used to make the recipe more fun.

Bake in the oven to roast over medium or low for an average time of 10 minutes, or until you notice that the cookies are hard and crisp. Then place the cookies in an airtight container and they should be consumed within 10 days. Offer for the dog in moderate amounts follwoing Petwithsupplies.com.

Ice Cream

-Pieces of fruit without seeds
-Ice tray
-To make the sherbet, you can use any one as, for example, pineapple, strawberry, Orange, mango, among others. In this recipe, watermelon is used.


Chop the fruit into pieces and remove median all seeds and lumps.
Put everything in a blender and blend. If you find convenient, add a little water. However, try to put as little water as possible.
Pour all in the form of ice, and put in the freezer. Wait until freeze and then unmold and serve to your best friend cool off.

Fiber Cookies

-2 cups (tea) of flaxseed flour
-75 Cup (tea) of oatmeal
-75 cups (tea) of banana flour (this flour can be found in natural food stores)
-2 large eggs
-2 spoons (soup) of hollow oil (you don’t, you can use canola or sunflower oil).
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-1 spoon (tea) of broth aniz (take 1 and 5 tablespoon of boiling water and place in immersion by approximately Anísio, 15 minutes).
-A pinch of salt
-200 g of mashed fruit or cake (Orange, pineapple, among others).


Take a bowl and put all the dry ingredients. Then, separate another bowl and mix the items: Marc (or mashed fruit),egg and oil. Put it all together and mix until dough forms a homogeneous consistency.

Grease a way with flour and place 1 tablespoon to form each cookie. Allow to stand for an average time of 10 minutes. Then, lightly knead the dough (one by one).Place in the oven to 180°C for an average time of 25 minutes.