Learn How to Choose the Perfect Bikini for Your Body

Many women do not know that a wrong choice on bikini can completely destroy with your summer look, it is very important to know which type of bikini that values the your body and underscores the beauty of your silhouette.

So you don’t make a mistake in choosing the ideal bikini for your body check out the tips below from polyhobbies:

Small Breasts:

Give preference to Bras with large prints and bold colors as well as embroidery, Ruffles. It is very important that have padded bulge helps add volume to the breast. The thin strap bra also enhances the breasts more your size.

Medium Breasts:

This breast size can use the abuse of several modeling: Halter, strapless bolder models. with or without prints.

Big Breasts:

The ideal BRA are those with wider straps, opt for plain colors it is worth remembering that for this type of BRA breast should not be padded.

Long Legs:

Ideal for those with panties long legs are the wide sides but without bow or accessories. You can also try panties underwear-type shorts and sunkini depending on your legs.

Short Legs:

For short legs ideal that the underwear is preferably of lace or thin strip and how much more will enhance your legs dug.

Big Butt:

If you want to disguise the size of butt chooses to wear panties in light colours and smooth and large prints details avoiding strong colors. Dig not too accentuated also help “decrease”.


Can enable all options, from thong style panties shorts.

Small Butt:

Bet on bold colors, great prints, side ties and small parts that range from the traditional delta wing dental floss help increase the proportions.

Ideal For Bikini Fatties:

To the fatties ideally wear swimsuits. There are several modern models who value the body of fatties, But avoid the bold colors and large prints and transparencies. If you do not give up the Bikini, use of cava discreet and waist high with light colours and discreet details with little prints.

Ideal For Skinny Bikini:

For the magrinas the swimsuits with cuts like “fool mother” work very well and leave the very elegant Lady. Opt for the suggestions of small butt and breasts little in choosing the ideal bikini.

Wide Hips:

Give preference for briefs with wide sides and hang gliding style panties. Ideal are the smooth, avoid dark colors and prints.

Narrow Hips:

Use tie and panties with bright colors. Do combination with a spaghetti straps bra and dark tone. Run the prints.