Learn Horseback Riding As an Adult a Self-Experiment

“Now we gallop. Monika, you want to?” I swallow. Today is my seventh lesson and the ground seems further away than ever. I ride on Gina. For the first time. The horse and I, we haven’t met yet. I suppose Gina know how you galloping–I don’t know.

That is, I have a rough idea of it. My first, not quite voluntary introduction to the art of the Gallop has given me in my third hour Rico. Calculated Rico, the horse I ever 20 minutes have driven, without having it deign is also only once, to fall off the step in the trot. The horse, which I owe to the disgrace, as formulated by book author Horst Stern: “there is no depressing sight as a beginner who struggles in vain, in the whole Cavalry to bring a horse in motion”.

The lunge and with me on the back of Rico had tired of the Traben – that much was clear. Only: Rico not go so quickly became me. But the lunge. We tried it without. Obviously free the horse trotted off.

“Oberk body, heels deeper!” While I was trying to follow the instructions of the instructor, Rico decided he had had enough of the Traben and sprinted off. To my first horse. “Tighten reins!”, I heard yet. Tighten the reins? Impossible. I needed my whole concentration not to fall from his horse. The riding instructor Rico had stopped after a few long seconds. We stood. In other words, Rico was, I hung. My feet were slipped out of the Stirrups and I slid centimetre by centimetre slowly, the ground opposite. Undignified and unathletic.

There I sat now on the ground, in the November cold in the artificial light of the riding school – pretty far away from the beautiful images in my head, the feathery galloping across summer meadows and fields… I heard “And now right back up on that horse!” still the voice of the instructor.

The initial difficulties were soon forgotten: in the next hours a blissful grin turned wide my face more frequently. For example, in the rare moments of successful light trabens. When Rico drew its curves, and I pressed me, adapted to the rhythm of his legs out of the saddle and sat down again and everything seemed at once properly balanced. That Rico heard less on my leg pressure and rather on the snapping of the riding instructor, I didn’t care.

Despite the leg cramps and the grated on back of knee by the riding boots (comment of an experienced rider: “This is normal for new boots”), and despite my firm conviction that my feet would find never a firm hold in the Stirrups, I’m in the meantime like a horse in love with twelve: a horse calendar depends on recently in my apartment, on the market, I buy carrots for the horses (a little bribe won’t hurt), and I would spend my spare time favorite only in the stable.

Back to Gina and my first official Gallop attempt. My two fellow riders already have their Gallop laps behind. “And?” asks the instructor, encouraging looks at me. Griping would be stupid, before the others and in front of her, which is just 16 and loose in the grip has the action. I swallow. “What must I do?”

“Only trot, then the outer leg bend backwards and propel the horse”, is their answer. But the horse also so know what is to do. Before I can bend any leg anywhere, Gina galloped off. I’m feeling the power that lies in you. A few seconds only, then it stops. I’m staying in the saddle and am happy.

Guide for horse riding beginners

The classic riding is most prevalent in Germany: round 709.000 members is one of the German Equestrian Federation, the Federation for equestrian sports and horse breeding. It is the basis for future dressage, show jumping or eventing.

Outside the riding clubs is also a different kind of horse trailers: the Western riding. Preferred by the riders, who are not in a Club member, about one in five Western riding. Getting started is simple: as the Western saddle gives more support beginners, because it is wider and has a high pommel front-there the Cowboys to tie your rope. Also enclose the special Stirrup foot better and thereby provide additional security.

Western horses are workhorses. The popular breeds-quarter horses or paint horses-are smaller than the warm-blooded animals of the classic cavalry. Their movements when walking and trotting are slower. Ridden with one hand-the cowboy needs a free hand at work. While classical riding constantly pressing the thighs and on the cross, and the reins are given signals to the horse, Western horses until they get another signal of the rider is a handicap.

Tips for riding beginners

The beautiful horse riding is the balanced load, because strength and endurance are trained at the same time and gently. Beginners start on the lunge. While the instructor keeps the horse on the lead, it is running in the district. So you can concentrate fully on your seat and your balance. How long the lunge is necessary, depends on the rider. In General, a beginner needs two to ten lessons until he has the necessary sense of balance.

A horseback riding vacation is ideal to quickly get routine in dealing with the horse. Otherwise, should take if possible, just two riding up to three times per week. It takes about a year, until it is so sure on the horse that you can safely ride out at one or two lessons per week.

Points: Not all riding clubs offer horseback riding lessons for beginners. Some have also even no school horses. Best ask the respective County Equestrian Federation after suitable clubs and riding schools. Western riding can check at the first Western riding Union Germany.

Cost: A riding lesson will cost between 10 and 25 euros (depending on the Association of the city and of whether it is a single lesson or a course). A membership fee of 60-100 euros in addition clubs a year, including accident insurance. As a Club member you must often pay less for the riding lessons.

Equipment: Before purchasing the equipment, you should take his time. To try out a helmet enough old pants and approximately 3 cm high-heeled shoes first (you can rent often the located in the stables, Alternatively, also a bicycle helmet is okay via TransportHint). Find pleasure in riding and want to continue, should you purchase a Jodhpurs and riding boots or boots that first. For good riding boots made of leather, you need to invest about $300. With a little luck, you get hardly registered equipment from beginners who have heard again with riding.

Text: Monika Herbst (2) photos: private