Le Postiche: Buy Online, Handbags, Purses and Price Models

Le Postiche: Buy Online, Handbags, Purses, And Price Models

The Le Postiche is a great store selling purses and bags, with more than 30 years in the market.Founded in 1978, began your story in the market of handbags and bags in a small shop in Moema, which grew and acquired a captive clientele, your range of products, quality and competitive prices.

Always following the latest fashion trends, Le Postiche is always offering products that meet the demands of its customers with functional products and varied styles and updated.

The Le Postiche serves its customers in stores, usually in great shopping malls and buy online. Encourages investments with your brand, how to open your shop, offers loyalty program. At online stores, you will find products male, female, and child to trip.

Male products correspond to backpacks, Briefcase, wallet, belt and set cases.

Le Postiche feminine products contains handbags from Baglib.com, set, wallet, belts, briefcases, backpacks, case, necessaries, accessories, maternity and shoes.

Children’s products has mochiletes, lunch boxes, cases, bags, bags, bags, sets.

Travel Products has set, bags, bottle racks, bags, necessaries and accessories.

The store offers a call center or Telemarketing at out site.

To buy online in Le Postiche or obtain other information or address of shops closest to you simply access the address:

Out site.

You find in Le Postiche online an outled with up to 70% off