Latest Trend in Women’s Fashion

The rustic fashion never goes out of fashion, and not only in the June festivals it appears, from which you think came the fringe on boots, bags and many other accessories? All this is the hick fashion.

The most common items are sweaters with print chess, clothes and bags in leather and boots, but are far from the only ones. To give a rustic air to look you can use a handkerchief or even jeans.

When you go to a June party can unite all accessories and rednecks clothing as it will be like a fantasy, but it is for the day to day, just use one or two piece, for visual not be so heavy and not looking like you just arrived from the farm.

The hillbilly costume for June party can not leave out the boots, jeans, a button plaid shirt and handkerchief. In the day to day, if you wear a plaid shirt already alludes to this fashion.

If you like to dare a little more, you can combine a plaid shirt with high-top boot, you will be fine in rustic fashion. An entire outfit jeans with boot than the black color is also a look totally in rustic style, if you add a bag of the same color of the boot or fringes, where it gets even hick.

Do not think that if you go around the hick fashion will be looking tacky or fantasized, is super trendy and even on the catwalks has many examples of rustic look exampled on

If you do not like to exaggerate, a well run floral dress is enough to stay in the rustic fashion without exaggeration is beautiful, romantic and not go out of style. Oh one cintinho on the dress also helps and sunglasses complete the look.

The boys can wear the boots or more pointy leather shoes and belt with fivelão, 100% hillbilly is if the pants are more glued then, depending on the boy’s body, it is a hit.

Straw hats can be worn by both men and women, but is not that super rustic hat unfinished not eh, is the cute hat.

The most novinhas can wear jeans shorts, combined with a button plaid shirt and long sleeves, sunglasses and boots, short or long barrel, depending on your body type and that has more to do with you.

Fashion is not only in Brazil, so if you’re doing some international travel, will likely see many women mostly, but men also using look at hick fashion.

Fringes were successful in 2015 and remain high in 2016, abuse of them that besides beautiful are super everything to do with the countrified fashion, another trend that has much to do with this fashion is destroyed, you can be in shorts or pants both are beautiful and match the rest of the accessories following this trend.