Lanvin Autumn/Winter: the Definition of Luxury

Luxury. It is the word that comes to mind whenever I see a collection of Lanvin, and especially this for the next autumn/winter 2012 / 2013, with which Alber Elbaz It celebrates its ten years at the head of Lanvin. Grand Luxe, because each dress, each skirt and each coat is worth its weight in gold.

Little by little, without scandals, without the help of fads, without becoming meat from clone low cost, no multi-million dollar campaigns, Alber Elbaz He has managed to put this firm at the top of the current French firms. Few manage to make so many outputs, and all of them, absolutely adorable. So many dresses that they embrace the sinuous curvy female body: improving it, loving it, paying him homage.

The parade has begun with a explosion of colors, a few short dresses of day with simple lines that give centre stage to the intense reds, vibrant green and electric blue.

Then it has come the shift of the black, smoke. Leather embossed, black hair mixed with cloth, silks made shreds, Greek tunics reinterpreted, cleverly cut, some skirts monastic curfew coats. A real autohomenaje to past collections.

Black has taken the step to the heavy Brocade, dresses with exaggerated applications of jewels and precious stones.

And parade made up the final auction of so splendid a few dressed in brazen flyers, rich lace that play to the contrast of tones, textiles dyed with graphics and bold colors skins.

We give up to his feet, master, Mr. Elbaz.

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