Kreyos Meteor Waterproof Smart Watch

Kreyos raised half a million dollars in a campaign of crowdfunding and is not able to give the time of day

Lately we are seeing many new projects smartwatch are being advertised through campaigns crowdfunding, ie, all those platforms through which developers can present their idea to the users and they can subsidize through their contributions. Currently there are many sites for such campaigns: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Ulule, Verkami, among others.

Unfortunately, such projects always involves an implicit risk, we do not know whether the developer or team that is behind the idea fulfill his word . Although the platforms themselves have certain mechanisms to prevent this from happening, it is impossible to ensure 100% efficiency, which probably prevented the thousands of people who subsidized the project Kreyos could recover their money.

Kreyos born as one of many projects smartwatch on a page of crowd funding and promised speech recognition to perform various tasks and gestural controls. Initially, its founder asked for $ 100,000 to launch the project, but surprisingly this grossed over a period of just three months 1.5 million.

The release date of the device was set in November, just three months later to reach enough figure to launch the project. What happened? He arrived last November and none of the users who had supported the project received the clock. He would have to spend about a year, specifically from June this year, so that users could start receiving the first units in their homes.

Kreyos is a smartwatch of $ 170 with a “water resistance” nothing short of controversy

Although the company promised an initial print run of 5,000 units, only a few “lucky” received the watch at home. Foolish, Odyssey only just begun. Between one of its many features, Kreyos waterproof smartwatch is the key. Said and done, users set out to test this resistance, but… attention! Is it possible that my brand new smartwatch is broken?

Indeed, the water resistance was Kreyos be at least nonexistent and as it began to run erratically soaking. However, this was not the only failure he suffered the “smart” watch. Leaving aside the screen is not even touch, the built-in pedometer suffers a curious mistake: by vibrating the sensor is activated, it is impossible to count steps correctly performed.

Following the promises were unheeded, the company announced that since overcoming expectations for revenue, Kreyos offer gamification platform, control of sleep and control of our PC using gestures. Surprise! None of these functions is available, or are expected. Do not miss it, the alleged battery 7 day does not reach the day of autonomy according to the few users with the smartwatch.

The final straw comes when you realize that your smartwatch nearly $ 200 is not able to give time and correctly

However, all the above mentioned failures are wasted when we realize that our watch does not tell time correctly. Surprisingly, the weather application works independently with our smartphone, so it is necessary to have it matched at all times if you do not want to be late or too early to all sites.

Users obviously proceeded to claim the company returned the money. However, the company has already hedged its bets by changing a number of conditions it impossible for them to recover the investment. But it does not end there, as Steve Tan, the only visible face of the company that is behind Kreyos, has not had any regard for publishing photographs “passing it very well.”

For example, here we can see a Ferrari 458, perhaps one of the many quirks that Steve has been able to afford thanks to the 1.5 million raised. When it comes to going shopping, Steve has proven not to waste time, find the image you further down you can see it with numerous bags of luxury brands such as Hugo Boss or Prada.

Unfortunately, this news just cause harm to all those companies that really are serious about your idea and need foreign investment to implement it. Fortunately, products such as Pebble show us that crowdfunding works, but there is always the risk of not knowing exactly where our money will go.