Klee: the White Part of the Bikini

“It’s Not The Chases Me Tan, Is Where She’s Not Brown.

Summer is disturbing.

The nudity of women changes with the beach and the pool.

She is replaced by a pair of panties on the skin. When having sex, have two panties to take.

If one was good, two are unbearably exciting, illustrated by babyinger.com. Is tara had double male.

You will download the first of income with your hands and another with your eyes.

Listen, enjoy the season. Only in the warm months to count on double striptease of your wife.

Irresistible brand of bikini that she lets me. His white skin only reserved for my worship.

Is the map of sin, is the geography of desire, is the country of lust.

Strengthening the morenidade of my wife, the Sun helps me, is my accomplice of alcove. The salt and the sea coloring the body and collaborate me separating the Immaculate complexion.

I bless the contrast. The white part of the Bikini means a gift, a shell one-piece and infinite sound that we raise the stir of the waters.

I understand and respect when she gets hours toasty in the Chair. Face down, front, side, following the rays with the loyalty of the reflexes of the sunglasses. Don’t complain of your insulation, I’m not saying it’s a waste of time, I don’t see how not blame immolation with sexist jokes, don’t mock the dedication.

On the contrary, I appreciate your kindness to me. Take cold beer, caipirinha and reserve guard to prolong your exposure time. Seek every thing you want. She is entitled to pregnancy dreams, the eccentricities of pregnant. I do not think any absurd regalia before the pleasure I will find at night.

I become your your styrofoam cooler, your desert Guide, your servant. Change the direction of the winds, blowing storms away, open cracks in the clouds with the power of thought. Fight that can disrupt your day bright and clear.

I know the value of my reward, I predict the extent of the donation.

It’s not the chases me Tan, is where she’s not brown. That’s where she left it for me.

The white part of the Bikini is worth any effort, any sacrifice.

The white part of the Bikini is a coveted island after swimming the arms.

Without wishing to blow, I go where the light is allowed.