Killah Shoes New Collection

Killah celebrates Valentine’s Day 2011 with a mini-collection of articles dedicated to love. The lovers ‘feast is celebrated by the brand through the face of the nice doll Kookie, new Cupid recurring of accessories and d’ chiefs clothing , gift ideas perfect, glamorous and romantic especially at the height of the idea of youthful and appealing fashion that Killah has long pursued. If you are still undecided on surprise to surprise your sweetheart, here’s our advice.

Killah devotes to its customers a new online original, after the innovative ideas of the Space Animalier collection.

Moreover many of the pieces thought for Valentine’s Day are easily matched to model clothes designed by the brand to highlight a retro style, a real must for the season.

Among the garments proposed stand a hooded gray hooded lining blue according to Iamhigher, embellished on one side by a release of very cheerful doll Kookie (59 EUR), press that also uses the white t-shirt from the particular Ruched Sleeve ( 29 euro).

Very nice are also the dancers in red paint with decorations polka dots and white laces, on sale at the price of a modest 36 €, and for the most cheeky, Killah has realized the sandal in red and white stripes with bow, heel and top strap (65 euro).

Combined with t-shirt and sweatshirt is then the shopper bag with handles in white paint black and the nice Kookie peeping in the foreground, on sale at 35 euro.

So what are you waiting? Makes your Valentine’s Day with a gift idea Killah.