Kidney Pain in Pregnancy

Feeling pain in the kidneys is a fairly common problem among pregnant women. There are several causes, so consult your obstetrician if you are pregnant and have pain in this area.

Kidney Pain in Pregnancy

Know more about the causes that lead to the onset of kidney pain in pregnancy.

Causes of Kidney Pain in Pregnancy

Pain in the kidneys of pregnancy is a problem that occurs quite frequently in pregnant women, and can have several origins, from muscle fatigue, kidney stones, problems with the spine, and also, urinary infection.

Urinary infection is the most common cause, occurring most often at the beginning or end of pregnancy.

This happens because they are stages of gestation where blood flow is greater, which leads to a higher production of urine, which will accumulate in the bladder.

Another of the factors that leads to the development of a urinary infection is the elevation of the levels of the hormone progesterone.

This increase may cause relaxation of the various structures of the urinary system as well as of the muscles of the bladder, leading to urine accumulation at these sites.

This accumulation will create the ideal conditions for the development and proliferation of bacteria, responsible for the urinary infection.

When the pregnant woman has a urinary infection, there are several symptoms that manifest, which include burning and pain when urinating, smell and abnormal color in the urine, and a more frequent urge to urinate.

These are the most common symptoms, but there are cases where this condition is asymptomatic, and there are no signs that there is an infection.

It is therefore essential to have regular urinalysis and consult the doctor accompanying it to more easily diagnose the problem if it arises.

When the pain in the kidneys in pregnancy arises in the final stage of gestation, this pain may be a sign that labor has begun. In this case, kidney pain is due to contractions.

Kidney pain as a symptom of pregnancy

Kidney pain, in some situations, may be a symptom that you are pregnant.

Not being one of the most common symptoms, especially among women who usually suffer from back pain during menstruation, kidney pain may be a sign of pregnancy.

If you are late and have kidney pain then you should take a pregnancy test to confirm or mislead the suspect.