Kenzo Autumn/Winter: Goodbye to Tiger, Watch out!

I have to admit I had high expectation of seeing the new parade of Kenzo autumn/winter 2013 / 2014. And is that after his success with the Tiger sweatshirts (one of the most copied this season), I wanted to know what was going to be the following. And I can already say that we can for next season Goodbye to the cute feline… And it is that what is going to take time has nothing to do: print of eyes. Yes, and the truth is that I love you.

Obviously not pay its price real (sweatshirts cost between 180 and 300 euros), but some Another clone perhaps falls. And I don’t know why but the eye, depending on how it is drawn, like me and a lot of it! And the leather lollipop or her lap to set cool mogollon.

But there is life after this print that promises to be the King again. The bright Maroon Returns to again and this time is combined with the Gold or black, a mixture that we have seen previously, but that like.

And if you want they are more prints You can be quiet. The geometric will continue to war with total looks suitable for the more daring.

Do you think its? new proposals? Personally me I like, as break with the serious but are apt to be able to look down the street (which is appreciated).